Service Learning

Service Learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting that combines the academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service throughout the community. It is an embedded program in VIS’ curriculum which aims to maintain long-term partnerships with various communities around us. We believe that learning and personal development take place not only in the classroom but it is also enhanced by interacting with community in meaningful ways as well applying academic knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to life situations.
Examples of service learning projects across the school include:
Building bridges between generations with ‘Senevita’ elderly home
‘Senevita’ elderly home has been our service learning partner since 2012. Early Childhood students engage in play-based activities on a monthly basis with the residents of the elderly home. Grade 6 students learn about sport adaptations to different age groups in the Physical Education class, then organize and take part in the annual sports day together with the elderly. Grade 8 students explore the concept of memoirs in the English class and their Art class learn how to draw a portrait.  Students then interview the residents, record their life stories and write a memoir which is accompanied by a portrait of the resident.
Meaningful interactions with the Library for the Blind
Every year Grade 1 students study the importance of the five senses in “People use their senses to understand the world” unit. Together with the “Library for the Blind” students produce educational resources, e.g., they record poems for children, design pottery with the Braille poetry on it.