Students at Vilnius International School come from a range of educational institutions and a review of their previous school experience is important to ensure that in-coming students are appropriately supported.

Early Childhood Programme

The early childhood programme at Vilnius International School begins in the Panda class (3 and 4 years old), to the Turtle (5 years old) and finally the Dolphin and Penguin (6 years old) level. Each level of the early childhood programme builds upon and complements the previous one. However, our teachers work according to the needs of individual children so there may be overlap between the groups depending on their developmental needs. The early childhood programme is foundational in preparing students for the first grade.

First Grade

Until recently, students typically entered first grade at VIS at the age of 7. Current trends are moving in the direction beginning at the age of 6 but this has not yet been decided by the Ministry of Education. VIS continues to encourage enrolment based on prior early childhood experience, English and mother tongue language skills and general level of social maturity rather than chronological age.

Transfer Students

Students entering Vilnius International School from an American, Lithuanian or other non-British affiliated international school will typically enter the same grade at VIS. Students entering Vilnius International School from a British school will be admitted to the class one grade lowerFor example, an incoming 3rd Year student from a British system would be placed in the 2nd grade at VIS.

New to English

Candidates will be administered an English language assessment to determine the level of language support required for the student to be maximally successful at VIS. Students may enrol without prior knowledge English if there is availability in our English language support programme to meet their level of need.  

Students are typically required to undergo additional assessments to determine whether their prior educational experience has appropriately prepared them to access the demands of the VIS curriculum. English language and learning support services are available, but our resources are limited.  An interview may also be requested as part of the standard admissions process. Unfortunately, limited resources often mean that we cannot guarantee enrolment to all students interested in attending our school.