Our Future

Strategic Initiatives 2018-2021

Mission: Cultivating learners with the agility of mind and confidence of spirit to become culturally proficient human beings

School Community Perspective
Further realize our commitment to 1) culturally responsive teaching, 2) international-mindedness and 3) wellness.
Progress update: In 2018 professional development opportunities were aimed at fulfilling our commitment to wellness. Examples include: 9 teachers worked with external coaches, 10 teachers participated in a workshop on Emotional Intelligence.

Other P.D. opportunities related to promoting culturally responsive teaching include: participation in IB PYP Workshops; attendance at the New Frontiers Inclusion Conversation in Genoa, Italy; attendance at the ECIS Mother Tongue Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Internal Perspective
Develop our learning support provision into a systematic programme of inclusive education.
Progress update:  VIS has expanded opportunities for English language support, learning support, social/emotional support and university counselling by creating several new staff positions and the reorganization of services to better meet the needs of students in our care. VIS seeks to improve monitoring systems to better measure impact of services on student growth and well-being. 
Revise and implement safety routines for a range of situations
Progress update: VIS has revised the Emergency Procedures Manual and continues to expand the contents to better reflect our growing community and evolving risks.
Current work involves the development of prevention and mindfulness programmes for a students. 
Resource Perspective
Facilitate the extension of the VIS programme to grades 11 and 12.

Progress  update: VIS introduced the CIE programme in 2016 and we will graduate our first cohort in June 2018.  Our current goal is two-fold: to ensure our students are prepared for the challenges of the CIE programme, and to retain students during the transition between MYP and CIE.
Develop long-term plans to accommodate student growth.  
Progress update: VIS plans to expand the upper school. A new facility will be available in 2019 or 2020. Our short-term goal is to identify additional classroom space to accommodate the overflow until construction is complete.
Enhance the role of the School Council.
Progress update:  A clearer mandate will come from the results of the recent community survey. The results will be reviewed in January 2018 and an action plan developed thereafter. 
Growth and Learning Perspective
Consolidate and communicate the teaching and learning philosophy to the full range of stakeholder groups
Progress  update: VIS has introduced a bi-monthly newsletter, subject focus newsletters, and we are currently updating our website.  The staff has identified our learning principles that we are sharing with the community in the form of comics. We have also changed the format for parent education events.  These are small steps in further establishing our reputation as a mission driven school that exemplifies a rigorous international education.
Redesign professional development as long-term opportunities for inquiry
Progress update: VIS teachers have selected a focus for small-group inquiry in order to promote professional initiatives that are aligned with our mission and school goals. Currently, inquiry groups include: Trans-languaging, Growth Mindset, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligent Leadership, Making Thinking Visible. One group is working on the organization of the upcoming Centennial. Ultimately, we aim to capitalize on our internal capacity and promote teacher agency.