Our Future

Strategic Roadmap from 2021

Mission: Cultivating learners to become culturally proficient human beings

To provide a challenging, inquiry-based curriculum in English for all students where all children experience success.

1.1: Learners are supported by educators prepared to meet a broad range of learning needs in a timely and targeted manner. (1)

1.2: Our learning principles* inspire all teaching and learning at our school.

1.3: Learners are motivated to achieve their best by seeking out challenges and persevering through uncertainty.
To create an environment that supports the learning, personal growth and wellbeing and safety of all members of the school community.

2.1: VIS actively supports the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of our community. 

2.2: Professional practice relies on self-directedness, collaboration and dignity. 
To prepare learners to be successful in the next stage of their learning journey.

3.1: Alignment between programmes is visible as a continuum of learning that is responsive to the unique needs of each age cohort. 

3.2: VIS students are prepared for and motivated to embrace the challenges of the Cambridge International AS/A Level programme at VIS. 

3.3: VIS students are self-directed learners who are capable of making decisions that enable them to lead lives of purpose and meaning.
To promote empathy and belonging within our school community.

4.1: Students and staff take deliberate care to develop an awareness of self, others and otherness. (3)

4.2: The VIS community is engaged in the learning process in all its forms and visibly demonstrates commitment to the spirit of the school.