Vilnius International School is a Council of International Schools accredited, nonprofit,  K-12 school serving the local Lithuanian and expatriate community of Vilnius, Lithuania. Approximately 60% of the VIS student population hold Lithuanian passports. A significant proportion of the students in this cohort are dual nationals and many are Lithuanian nationals returning from an extended stay abroad. The remaining 40% of the VIS student population are expatriate families representing local and international companies, diplomats and professionals.

In September 2022, VIS opened its doors to 498 students from 41 countries. We also welcomed teachers from Lithuania, United States, Ukraine, Ireland, South Africa, Lebanon, Iran, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Moldova, Australia, Finland, Russia, and China.

Admissions news:
Early childhood: Enrollment is ongoing. Children must be aged 3 before October of the upcoming school year to enter.
Primary School:  Children interested in applying to grade 1 will undergo a short admissions interview with a grade 1 teacher. Decisions will be made depending on the ratio of English speakers to those new to English. Assessments typically take place in February.
Middle School: The MYP programme will expand to include two grade 10 classes in the 2022 - 2023 school year.  
High School: VIS is accepting applications for entry to the Cambridge International AS/A Level programme for the 2023- 2024 school year. Enrolment decisions are based on prior academic record, English language proficiency equivalent to MYP phase 5, and an admissions interview.  Additional admissions testing may be requested.