Afterschool Activities

We have finalized our EC and PYP teacher-led clubs and have tried to ensure that there's something for every grade level each day. The schedule can be found here.

On the schedule you will see three different options for signing up: 

PYP Teacher-Led activities: Say "homeroom teacher". Please email your child's homeroom teacher directly and indicate which activities you would like your child to participate in. These clubs are free of charge

Hip Hop: Please email Mr. Igor directly. His email address is on the schedule. This club has an additional charge.

Singing: Please email Ms. Baiba directly. Her email is on the schedule. This club has an additional charge.

Please note that EC and PYP clubs start Monday, September 11. Clubs start at 14:45 and end at 15.30 with the exception of hip hop. Students may stay and play in the yard after their club until 16.00. 

Upper School afterschool activities can be found HERE. Activities are ofered for diferent grade cohorts. Activities and clubs might evolve based on the needs throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to seek individual consultation and help sessions with individual subject teachers after school.