1. Schedule a visit or phone consultation to meet Valdonė Jakšienė, Admissions Coordinator (+370 5 2761564/
  2. Fill out and return Application Form and provide the Teacher Evaluation form from your previous teacher.
  3. Submit a progress report or report card from the previous school year and the current school year.  This is required from grade 2. 
  4. Arrange testing and an interview with the Admissions Coordinator. Testing and an interview does not guarantee placement. Eligibility for testing is dependent on a number of factors including: prior academic achievement and availability of space in the grade to which he or she is applying. 
  5. Await confirmation via e-mail from VIS that child has been accepted. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by phone. Await a request from the finance office to pay the initiation fee. 
  6. Pay VIS school initiation fee of 400 EUR. Bank details are available on the website. Indicate your child’s name and grade when paying.
  7. The VIS School Services Agreement will be sent to you by the Admissions Coordinator. Print two copies and return the filled and signed agreement to VIS administrator. Students over the age of 14 must also sign a copy of the Agreement and General Terms of Agreements. The Agreement must be signed before a student starts attending. 
  8. VIS will issue an invoice for the initiation fee and at latest, two weeks in advance of your child’s enrolment.