School Fees

Vilnius International School fees for 2020/2021 school year:

  • Application fee - 50 EUR**
  • One-time non-refundable admissions fee  - 400 EUR
  • annual tuition fee as follows:
School Year 2020 - 2021
  Annual Trimester

Early childhood
(Kangaroo, Pandas, Turtles and Dolphins)
All children must be picked up by 16:00. The school will be closed July and August.

As mentioned to our letter to you in the letter to EC famililies on April 2, VIS will offer our early childhood families some relief to those returning to VIS for the fall semester. The following aims to provide more specificity: 
1. Current EC parents who return in the autumn and are in good financial standing with the school will be offered a one-month tuition credit. This means that you have met your financial obligations to VIS before the school closure on March 16th. The credit will be applied to the first trimester tuition fee (September) and it will include EC families who are entering grade 1 from our EC programme next autumn. This credit is not relevant to older learners as they are fully engaged in a robust on-line programme. 
2. Extension of the current school year for early childhood (Kangaroos through Dolphins) by two weeks to June 26th. Typically, VIS provides childcare in the form of a summer camp for EC learners for two weeks after the end of the official school year. In the event we get to return to VIS this school year, VIS will extend the learning opportunities for the  EC programme from June 11th to June 26th. We hope that this extension enables parents to regroup after a long stint at home and for their children to enjoy some additional socialising with teachers and peers. 
3. An opportunity for families who wish to withdraw their child from the Early Childhood programme at VIS and terminate the VIS School Services Agreement to do so with a one-month notice (not two months as stated in the VIS School Agreement) retroactive as of April 1st. By withdrawing your child from the EC programme we mean that you plan to leave VIS for the long-term or even permanently. If you decide at some point to re-enroll at VIS you will be required to pay the admissions fee of 400 euro. If you decide to withdraw from our EC, please send your intention to do so to by April 15th. 
7740* Euro 2580* Euro
Primary school (grades 1 through 5) 8190 Euro 2730 Euro

Middle school (grades 6 through 10)

8190 Euro

2730 Euro

11th and 12th grades (Cambridge International AS/A Levels)

9000 Euro  3000 Euro

Food is included in the tuition fee.

*As of September 1st, 2019, all students in Early Childhood have a possibility to request a 100 Euro/month compensation based on Vilnius city municipality council resolution Early Childhood Fee Compensation (if the municipality extends this resolution for 2020-21 school year). The compensation is applicable ONLY to families that have officially declared their address in Vilnius city. 

**Payable upon submission for enrollment. It does not guarantee admission, reserves place on waiting list. Non-refundable.