Admissions Policy

Vilnius International School was founded to serve a community who viewed education as means of preparing their children to lead satisfying lives in a world where change is the only constant. VIS adopted the PYP and MYP International Baccalaureate Programmes and the Cambridge International Examinations AS/A Levels which best accommodate the needs of our learners.

As 21st century learners, our children must be prepared to enter a workforce in which the collaborative process, communication skills and the ability think across disciplines are valued as much as isolated academic skills and knowledge.  As members of a global community, they must also be willing to take responsibility for their actions and the implications their actions have for others and the environment.  This will require respect for the individual and commitment to something beyond themselves. 

In accordance with the vision of the VIS founders, we strive to keep our school accessible to the families who seek such an educational experience for their own children.  We do this by accepting students on a first come first served basis under the assumption that the family has considered whether or not the philosophy of VIS is consistent with their own wants and needs.

Although we view first come first served as the most democratic means of admitting students, we cannot accept every student who is interested in attending VIS.  Limited resources require that other criteria be considered in the admissions process. These include the following: 
  • ratio of Lithuanian students to expatriate students in a given class
  • ratio of males to females in a given class
  • availability of other schools in Lithuania for the individual student
  • ability of the school to support the English language needs of the student,
  • ability of the school to support learning needs of the student, i.e. do learning issues prohibit him or her to fully engage with the curriculum given the degree and type of learning support available at VIS.
VIS will review applications of students coming to Lithuania from abroad on a rolling basis.  Students wishing to enroll at VIS from Lithuania are encouraged to submit applications at any time; however, acceptance decisions may not be made until June as student turnover is unpredictable until that time. 

A complete application includes the following documents:
– Confidential Teacher Recommendation
– Report cards for the last two years
See a full version here: VIS Admissions Policy 2022 - 2023