Programme Requirements

Course requirements for achieving a Vilnius International High School Diploma include: 
MYP English (grades 9-12)
MYP Individuals and Societies or equivalent (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Science (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Mathematics (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Physical and Health Education (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Design Technology (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Arts (grades 9 and 10)
MYP Lithuanian Language and Literature or Language Acquisition (grades 9 and 10)
Elective MYP French Language Acquisition or Reader’s Workshop (grades 9 and 10)
Course Requirements for grades 11 and 12 include:
AS Level courses (select 3 of those offered)
A Level courses (select 3 of those offered)
Lithuanian mother tongue for Lithuanian nationals