Celebrate the Centennial at VIS!


IS is counting down to our celebration of Lithuania’s 100th anniversary set to take place in our courtyard at 13.30 on February 8th. We have a full day of events scheduled to honor Gediminas’ vision of an open society in Lithuania. We hope that his message resonates with our students both in the structure and the tone of the event.  Our morning will be spent in mixed-aged groups organized as such to mirror the healthy tension created when people from different backgrounds and experiences come together to form a new whole. During their time together, our learners will be engaged in mini-lessons designed to reflect the need of cultures to share the stories that form the basis of the receiving culture, while embracing the skills and talents of the incoming culture.  The outcome of this union may come as a surprise. 

After a morning in the classroom, students will have the opportunity to tour our art gallery where our learners from 6,7, and 8th grades have created works dedicated to Gediminas’ dream.  In the gym, we will host a visiting installation or "laser hymn" designed by physicists and textile artists, illustrating once again the blending of innovation and tradition.  Finally, the day will culminate in our school yard where we will be joined by students from Buivydiškių progimnazija to enjoy a short performance and, ultimately to howl together as 100 wolves.  By howling we seek to ensure that Vilnius is known throughout the world, whilst affirming our pride in our multicultural community and in Gediminas’ vision for Lithuania.
See the VIS movie about Lithuania's Centennial Celebration "Howl as 100!" below.