TEDxYouth@VIS 2019


 TEDxYouth@VIS is the initiative of Grade 9 students who undertook to inspire young minds and professionals to share their burning ideas with the youth. On 5 April a hundred people from Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, and Lentvaris gathered at Quadrum Business City for a dialogue about "What Really Matters" in life. We are very proud that 7 of the 11 speakers at the conference are members of the VIS community as well as the two performers. Our guest speakers represented Kaunas Technological University Gymnasium, Vilnius University and BITĖ.

Here is the link to all TEDxYouth@VIS 2019 talks: https://www.youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks/search?query=%40VIS

Speakers and performers included:

·         THE BEAUTY OF IMPERFECTION | Nerida Akulionytė (KTUG)
·         EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE | Pranas Kuisys (BITĖ)
·         NOT GIVING UP | Matas Filonovas (VIS)
·         NUTILT performed by Milda Stasaitytė (VIS)
·         HOPE | Sofija Lignugarytė (VIS)
·         SCHOOL – BE A PIECE IN ITS PUZZLE | Vaidotas Steponavičius (VIS)
·         SONGS HELP LEARNING | Zoe A.Dolkart (VIS)
·         BLACKBIRD (The Beatles) performed by Ieva Lebedytė (VIS)
·         LACK OF APPRECIATION | Lila Bulak (VIS)
·         FINDING WHERE YOU BELONG | Viktoriia Bakshinskaite (VIS)
·         CREATIVITY | Kotryna Žalėnaitė (VIS)
·         LIFE SCIENCES AND PHARMACEUTICAL MECHANISMS | Daumantas Matulis (Vilnius University)

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