MYP Curriculum Overview

The VIS middle school follows the IB MYP programme. The curriculum for grades 6-10 is an adaptation of the subject specific Lithuanian National Curriculum documents, mapped to the International Baccalaureate framework in each subject area, using the IB subject guides and supplemented where necessary. There is an overview for each year group, in each subject, and this is further organised into between 4 and 7 units of work (depending on the nature of the subject and the scheduled number of weekly lessons). VIS has also developed an ATL skills framework across the MYP which is available to all teachers and support staff. 

  • Focus on attitudes towards learning
    The units follow a Backwards-by-Design, concept-based approach, and are all available to all stakeholders on our ManageBac information system. ATL skills such as; identification, selection and organisation of information and critical thinking skills are explicitly taught within the framework of the units and are used to inform further learning experiences. Language learning is similarly explicitly addressed where appropriate to enhance language skills development. 
  • Technology integration
    The use of digital technology is extensive and teachers are encouraged to take an innovative approach to their lesson/task designs, including the use of online learning/videos/simulations/tasks and quizzes, flipped lessons where appropriate, and google docs to facilitate peer support, peer feedback, unit feedback, student self-assessment and reflection.
  • Transdisciplinary
    Teachers are actively encouraged to work across disciplines. We have several successful transdisciplinary units in place and are working on developing more. In a small school these have the added advantage of providing the possibility for collaborative reflection which might otherwise not be available within the subject or grade level (as there is only one teacher).
  • Assessment for learning
    Assessment and reporting in the MYP is continuous and reporting to all stakeholders is completed through our ManageBac platform in the form of assessment levels and written feedback on a task-by-task basis.