English Language Support

English language support is provided to students in a variety of formats dependent on their age and phase of acquisition. Students new to VIS are assessed using the WIDA assessment tool in primary school and by an internally designed assessment for those entering middle school.  All Cambridge International AS/A Level students should demonstrate competency at MYP language acquisition phase 5 in order to access the grade 11/12 programme.
Primary school students may be eligible for targeted push-in or pull-out support by an EAL specialist.  Middle school students are placed in English classes according to their phase of language acquisition as defined by the IB MYP.  VIS does not guarantee that all six phases of language acquisition will be available in any given year. This means that students in phases 1 or 2 may not be eligible for admissions if an early phase English acquisition class is not on offer for that year group. Additional English language support is not available for students in grade 11 and 12.