Counseling for Wellbeing

VIS has a full-time school psychologist available to advocate for the needs of students at all ages. The primary role of the School Counsellor is to promote the wellbeing of all students at VIS.  This support may come in many forms and is available to any student on an as needed basis.  Students may access the support of the School Counsellor through self-referral or staff referral by sending her an e-mail request.
            The School Counsellor is available to address the following:
            - social and emotional concerns of individuals, small groups or whole class;
            - academic concerns, including study skills; and
            - peer and teacher related conflicts.
Conversations between the School Counsellor and the student are confidential except when the student is perceived to be in danger.
Students can seek support for a range of issues and parents will not be contacted unless immediate concerns related to those factors stated previously.
In any situation, however, the Counsellor would work with the student to involve the parent/s as much as possible.  For example, the Counsellor would suggest to the student that a parent come in and meet with the school or follow up with an email or phone call.
The Director will be notified of students working with the Counsellor, but the content of those conversations will be restricted to protect the privacy of the student with the exception of those involving threats or evidence of harm to self or others. 
If a student requires more than three sessions with the School Counsellor it may be recommended that the parent solicit the services of a therapist or other professionals for regular ongoing consultation.  A list of options will be provided by the school upon request.