Cambridge International AS/A Level Exam Session June 2021


The first Cambridge International AS/A Level Exam will take place on Tuesday, May 4th at 10.00. The June 2021 exam session will begin with 9709/12 Mathematics: Pure Math exam for Grade 11 students. After a year-long enduring dedication and hard work, our Grade 11 and 12 students are ready to take Cambridge International exams. 

We will follow the national regulations to ensure our student and staff safety in the context of COVID-19. We will follow local social distancing measures. This may include: • Allowing time between exams to clean the rooms and desks. • Increasing the distance between exam desks.  • Taking exams at the gymnasium.

If national or local regulations mean that desks have to be further apart, we should include this extra space even if it means we can fit fewer candidates into the exam room. • Requiring invigilators and candidates to wear masks. • Having a one-way system for invigilators and candidates to move through the exam room.

Before exam day, we will inform all candidates that they cannot take the exam and should not come to the exam venue if they display symptoms of Covid-19. Candidates cannot sit exams at our centre if they: • are displaying symptoms. • have been in contact with symptomatic people. • have travelled to places restricted by local authorities.

Here are all Cambridge Interantional AS/A Level exams that Grade 11 and 12 students will partake at our centre in June 2021 exam series.

We wish them luck!