Parent Teacher Conferences


On Saturday, October 19, we will hold Parent Teacher Conferences. Conferences will last 15 minutes per child. As you can imagine, scheduling conferences for the entire Primary School is quite difficult. Changes to appointments will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Please correspond directly with Ms. Valdone if you need to reschedule.

This conference will be different from the three-way conferences of past years. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child's learning with your homeroom teacher. It is not appropriate for your child to accompany you during this meeting.

We expect all parents to attend these conferences with the teacher of their child. We believe that children learn effectively when parents and teachers form a partnership, share information and support each other in providing a positive learning environment.

Again, please note that children will not be attending these conferences. If you are unable to attend without your child, you may bring him or her to the library for supervision during your appointment(s). 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 19!




Kate Benson