Platform and portfolio for Early Childhood and Grades 1-5

Connection and communication, assignment of learning experiences, submission

Embedded activities, posting videos, receiving teacher feedback


Video conferencing platform used by EC (advantage is gridview)

Synchronous communication

Class check-ins with teachers

Google Meet

Video conferencing platform for Grade 1-5, MYP 6-10 and CIE

Content sharing, assignment of learning experiences, collaboration and communication

Video conferencing, small group instruction, presentations, synchronous lessons

Google Classroom

Virtual classroom platform for Grades 4 and 5 (and some subjects Grades 6-12)

Assigning of learning experiences, teacher student communication, submission

Teacher daily schedule, assignment generator, students submit assignments


Web-based student information system for Grades 6-12

Communication, assignment of learning experiences, submission

School announcements, student assignment submission, teacher feedback


self paced so that students can move through the material at their own speed and rewatch lessons as needed to develop mastery. This allows for more time to reflect and process information if needed. Material can be reviewed anytime. Gives students an opportunity to be “offline” and engage in pencil and paper tasks. 


Provides students with real time connection to the teacher. Questions can be asked and concepts clarified on the spot. Feedback is immediate. Collaboration and communication with peers is possible.