Early Childhood COVID-19 Plan



National requirements

According to The Republic of Lithuania government's declaration in regards to local quarantine coming into effect on 16 December 2020, early childhood will take place at VIS. If there is an opportunity to keep your child at home, we would encourage you to do so.

Parents are further encouraged to lead kids to the school door and to refrain from congregating in the coat room unless absolutely necessary.

Campus access

Students may arrive from 8.00.  EC is separated into two groups: Kangaroo/Panda and Turtle/Dolphin. It is highly recommended to arrive after 9.00 to minimize morning traffic.

Use of masks

Masks are required indoors for parents, staff, staff admitting children, and any adults in common areas. Masks are not required for EC learners.

Temp. checks

Temperature checks are required for EC learners and visitors upon arrival to school.

Social distancing

Distancing of 2 meters without a mask when inside.

Use of corridors

Minimize mixing/meeting between different groups. Groups are defined by Kangaroos/Pandas and Turtles/Dolphins. 

Use of coat rooms

Minimize mixing/meeting between different groups. Coat hooks are assigned by class. 


Minimize traffic in hallways and coat rooms. 


Students may not serve themselves. One group at a time may use the cafeteria. Groups must arrive and depart at scheduled times and use assigned tables. The cafeteria will be cleaned and ventilated after each rotation.


Classes will use their classroom bathrooms. Dolphins will use the bathroom closest to their classroom. 


Initially we will not be accessing the library. 

Classroom materials

Packets of classroom resources will be prepared per child and remain in the classroom. A second set should be kept ready at home in preparation for possible remote learning. 

After school activities

After school activities have been temporarily postponed due to restrictions. However, opportunities for active play in designated groups are in development. 

Field trips/ Service learning

Field trips are permitted as long as guidelines can be followed.

Drop off and dismissal

Students may be dropped off outside or in the EC corridor (preferable outside the building for braver learners). Some minor exceptions may be made for children working to adjust to the morning routine. We are working to minimise parent entry to our school building. It is highly preferred that children are picked up outside. In the event a parent arrives earlier, we will text the classroom teacher to release your child. We understand that there will be some exceptions to this such as poor weather. 


The gym will be cleaned and ventilated after each use.

Outdoor events

1 meter social distancing.  No whole school events are planned at this point. 

When to stay home

The World Health Organization has indicated that “for most people, COVID starts with a fever and a dry cough, and labored breathing. Most people will have a mild case and get better without needing any special care.” A child should remain at home with a fever, dry cough or sore throat.

The National Public Health Center further states that: an early childhood learner should not attend with cold-like symptoms . This differs slightly from the recommendations for school-aged children.