School Community Survey: Thoughts and Actions


Seventy-six percent of parents took the opportunity to give us their feedback via the CIS School Community Survey. The aim of the survey was to ensure that there is alignment between our stated intentions and your actual experience.  Fortunately, the data confirms that to be true in all domains. Ninety percent of our parents expressed agreement with all strands related to purpose, direction, leadership, operations and governance. Parent responses to strands related to curriculum and teaching indicate that 85% and more are in agreement. Two key areas for action were noted (only 70% agreed). These included supporting kids emotionally and providing more opportunities to share their culture and use their mother tongue. We also understand that there is a need to work on student accountability and to reach out to students struggling academically or socially. 
The positive outcomes in the survey do not indicate to the School Council, nor to the VIS leadership and staff that we are without areas for improvement. Our strategic focus for the coming year will be oriented to academic and emotional readiness as students transition between programmes (EC, PYP, MYP and CIE). We also aim to identify opportunities to build awareness among students of the role our language plays in creating an inclusive and welcoming community.